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SSL Certificates

Private SSL Certificates will be from GeoTrust®, the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150+ countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. Given range of digital certificate and trust products enable your organization, company or online business to maximize the security of digital transactions cost-effectively.

SSL Recommendation for Ecommerce website
CERTIFICATES RapidSSL® QuickSSL® True BusinessID True BusinessID with EV True BusinessID Wildcard
SSL Encryption 2048-bits2048-bits2048-bits2048-bits2048-bits
Validation Type What is this?

Validation Type

Before a certificate authority issues an SSL certificate, they validate the information provided in the certificate request. The more complete the validation, the more site visitors trust the certificate.

Domain Validation

Validates domain is registered and someone with admin rights is aware of and approves the certificate request. Automated process done vial email.

Organization Validation

Validate domain ownership, plus organization information included in the certificate - name, city, state, country etc.

Extended Validation

Validate domain ownership, organization information included in the certificate plus legal existence of the organization and that the organization is aware of and approves the request.
Domain ValidationDomain ValidationOrganization ValidationExtended ValidationOrganization Validation
Warranty -$10,000$100,000$150,000$10,000
Price Yearly $49.00 $99.00 $199.00 $549.00$599.00
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SSL Details
Browser Trusted
Dedicated IP
99% Browser Compatibility
Technical Support StandardStandardStandardPriorityPriority
Support Type Email/ChatEmail/ChatEmail/ChatEmail/ChatEmail/Chat
Provisioning Length 1-2 hours1-2 hours 24-48 hours24-48 hours24-48 hours
Reissuance Time As requiredAs requiredAs requiredAs requiredAs required
Subdomains Secured SingleSingleSingleSingleMultiple
Recognized Internationally
Secure Root Server
Browser Security Lock
Assurance Type Low High High High High
Registered certificate authority product

What is SSL and how does it work?

The Secure Socket Layer protocol was created by Netscape to ensure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. The protocol uses a third party, a Certificate Authority (CA), to identify one end or both end of the transactions. This is in short how it works.

  • A browser requests a secure page (usually https://)
  • The web server sends its public key with its certificate.
  • The browser checks that the certificate was issued by a trusted party (usually a trusted root CA), that the certificate is still valid and that the certificate is related to the site contacted.
  • The browser then uses the public key, to encrypt a random symmetric encryption key and sends it to the server with the encrypted URL required as well as other encrypted http data.
  • The web server decrypts the symmetric encryption key using its private key and uses the symmetric key to decrypt the URL and http data.
  • The web server sends back the requested html document and http data encrypted with the symmetric key.
  • The browser decrypts the http data and html document using the symmetric key and displays the information.

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